Andalusian Panorama


Carmen Tamayo | Spain | 2020 | 87 min.
O.V. in Spanish

While being homeless is a hard condition for anyone, for a woman ( facing domestic violence) is a vulnerable situation in which it is not easy to survive. In this documentary we meet a group of homeless women who find a source of empowerment and a reason to live in theatre. Their testimonies are interwoven with the power of performance and with images of dreamy landscapes in which they become goddesses: the heartbreaking yet hopeful story of a group of indestructible women. A project by the cultural association Cuenta 3 Comunidad Creativa and Carmen Tamayo, founder and director of the theatre company Mujereando. 

Direction: Carmen Tamayo.
Script: Carmen Tamayo.
Cinematography: Jorge Pérez
Editing: Manu León
Music: Pablo Trujillo
Sound: Carlos Ruiz
Cast: Pilar Fernández, Tamara Pérez, Emilia Gálvez, Rosa Quiles, Candela Franconetti, África De Los Reyes, Charo Jurado, Macarena Pérez, Estrella Franco
Production: María Tamayo
Production Company: Cuenta3 Comunidad Creativa.

Carmen Tamayo

Prado del Rey, Cádiz, 1979. Graduated in Social Work and Drama at the Cristina Rota School, she complemented her education with seminars and workshops in Dance, Voice and Body Expression. Soon she combined her performances in theater, cinema and television with directing different theater companies (3 Antié, La Pecera and Mujereando) where she created and staged works characterized by a distinct character of social protest and advocacy, as well as a very careful aesthetic. For 12 years she has created and directed eight plays, all of which have emerged from collective creation. She played the role of Gloria in the film No te supe perder and starred in several short films, for which she was awarded up to four times with the prize for best actress for her performances. Mujereando. El quejío de una diosa is her first film.

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