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Adina Pintilie | Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and France | 2018 | 125 min.
V.O. in English and German subtitled in Spanish and English

To the amazement of many, Touch Me Not won the Golden Bear at the Berlinale. And perhaps that is because, rather than a film, what we have here is an emotional experience regarding intimacy, the body and sexuality, which also demolishes barriers between fiction and reality, self-help and provocative analysis. Laura is a middle-aged woman incapable of letting herself be touched or of enjoying sex, who resorts to various, rather unconventional therapies. Her story crosses with that of other bodies far from the norm: Tudor, obsessed by his ex-partner, and Christian who, despite his spinal muscular atrophy, lives his sexuality without limits. And the director herself, both the big brother of the group and part of it.

Direction: Adina Pintilie
Script: Adina Pintilie
Cinematography: George Chiper-lillemark
Editing: Adina Pintilie
Music: Einstürzende Neubauten
Sound: Veselin Zografov
Cast: Laura Benson, Tómas Lemarquis, Christian Bayerlein, Grit Uhlemann, Adina Pintilie, Hanna Hofmann, Seani Love
Producción: Bianca Oana, Philippe Avril, Adina Pintilie
Production Company: Manekino Film

Adina Pintilie

The winner of the Golden Bear for her first film Touch Me Not in the 2018 edition of the Berlinale was born in 1980 in Romania, and graduated from the Caragiale University of Scenic Arts and Cinematography in Bucharest in 2008. Her medium length film Don’t Get Me Wrong premiered at Locarno, was programmed in the IDFA and won the Golden Dove for Best Documentary in DOK Leipzig, and was also selected for 50 international festivals. It was followed by the medium length Oxygen, in competition in Rotterdam 2010 and the short film Diary#2, winner of the Zonta Award at the Oberhausen Festival in 2013. Since 2010, she is also programmer at the Bucharest Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF).


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