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David Martín de los Santos | Spain, Belgium | 2020 | 109 min.
O.V. in Spanish subtitled in English
La vida era eso

In a hospital in Belgium, the destinies of María and Verónica, two Spanish immigrants who have ended up there escaping from different crises, meet: María, in the migratory wave of the seventies, and Verónica, in the face of the lack of prospects for today's youth. A bond is established between them, a friendship that, after an unexpected event, will push Maria to return in search of Veronica's family in Cabo de Gata. A very different kind of Spain from the one she left, and one in which she will rediscover herself in all her pending affairs. Starring Petra Martínez (Bad Education, La que se avecina) and Anna Castillo (Viaje al cuarto de una madre, Arde Madrid), and featuring Ramón Barea.

Direction: David Martín de los Santos
Script: David Martín de los Santos
Cinematography: Santiago Racaj
Editing: Lucía Palicio, Miguel Doblado
Music: Fernando Vacas, Estrella Morente
Sound: Eva Valiño, Patrick Ghislain
Cast: Petra Martínez, Anna Castillo, Florin Piersic Jr.,Ramón Barea, Daniel Morilla, María Isabel Díaz, Pilar Gómez, Victoria Sáez, Annick Weerts, Christophe Miraval, Maarten Dannenberg, Alina Nastase.
Production: Rosa García Merino, Damián París, José Carlos Conde, David Martín de los Santos, María Barroso
Production Company: Lolita Films, MEDIAEVS, Smiz & Pixel, Magnetica Cine

David Martín de los Santos

After winning multiple awards with his three previous short fiction films, David Martín de los Santos delivers the documentary short film May 23 (2016). Prior to that, he also wrote and directed the documentaries ¿Generación perdida? (2011) and Ni vivo ni muertos (2011) for the show Documentos TV of the channel 2 of TVE; as well as La isla durmiente (2005), awarded in Barcelona and Lyon festivals. La vida era eso is his first fiction feature film, a project selected in Meditalents for which he became a finalist in the 10th Julio Alejandro Competition, the film will be having its world premiere in Seville.

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