The New Waves


Haider Rashid | Italy, Kuwait, Iraq | 2021 | 72 min
O.V in Arabic, Bulgarian and English subtitled in Spanish and English.

Kamal, an Iraqi teenager, runs, climbs and hides without looking back to enter Europe through the border between Turkey and Bulgaria, a minefield of extortion, darkness, nerves and thorny nature, in a scavenger hunt where life is at stake. This film, constructed around real stories of people who have crossed this clandestine doorway to the continent, delivers a fast-paced, intense and rushing experience: the behind-the-scenes of Europe's alleged temperance and solidarity in the face of migration captured in just 75 minutes of pure adrenaline.



Direction: Haider Rashid
Script: Haider Rashid, Sonia Giannetto
Cinematography: Jacopo Maria Caramella
Editing: Haider Rashid, Sonia Giannetto
Sound: Giandomenico Petillo, Gabriele Fasano
Production Design: Francesco Bacci
Cast: Adam Ali, Erfan Rashid, Gassid Mohammed, Mohamed Zouaoui, Pietro Ciciriello, Svetlana Yantcheva
Production Company: Radical Plans

Haider Rashid

Haider Rashid was born in 1985 of mixed Iraqi and Italian origins. He has directed features Tangled Up In Blue, Silence: All Roads Lead To Music, It’s About To Rain and Street Opera, the short film The Deep and No Borders, Italy’s first VR film. His films have won awards at Venice Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival and the Nastri d’Argento award ceremony. Europa premiered at the Cannes Director’s Fortnight.