With the title 'Europe, an open continent?: The idea of border in contemporary European cinema and culture', the fourth edition of the seminar organised by the Seville Festival and the University of Seville/CICUS will become international, with the presence of the Syrian director Sara Fattahi (who is presenting 'Chaos', an award winner at Locarno, in the new Waves-Non Fiction section) and the French director Nicolas Philibert (director of 'Être et Avoir'  who this year brings to the festival 'De chaque instant'). Both will participate in this course open to university students and the general public on registration, along with Elena López Riera (also an award winner at Locarno with the short film 'Los que desean'), Luis E. Parés, Pilar Aguilar, the activist collective ZEMOS98 (who will also present in Seville the performance conference 'Occidente: fortaleza mediática'), and Xavier Artigas and Xapo Ortega (directors of 'Ciutat morta' and of 'Idrissa, crónica de una muerte cualquiera', which will be in the Official Section of the #15FestivalSevilla).


Presented between 9 and 11 November in the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales (CICUS), this 25 hour seminar will reflect on the concept of border in European cinema and culture, through matters such as the migratory crisis, the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, individual and collective identity, religion, the perspective of gender or territory. Coordinated by Doctors Sergio Cobo, Samuel Fernández and Alberto Hermida, the seminar will look at the different discourses with which cinema has tackled the idea of border: from the most dominant and traditional to the most transgressive, and including experimental looks.


The work sessions will include the screening of a dozen feature films, with discussions with their respective directors. And, from the academic aspect, there will also be the contribution by the investigator, writer, critic and essayist, Pilar Aguilar.


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