The New Waves Non fiction


Oskar Alegria | Spain | 2019 | 122 min.
O.V in French subtitled in English and Spanish

"I went to the woods because I wanted to live with a purpose; to face only the essential facts of life, to see if I was able to learn what life had to teach me, so when my time would come, not to feel that I had not lived". Thus begins Walden, and like Thoreau, Oskar Alegría (The house of Emak Bakia) went four months alone to the woods, in search of reconciliation with his roots and with nature. A castaway Crusoe of the "Zumiriki" from the title, an island in the middle of a river for which Alegria awaits while performing small rituals, discoveries, and remembrances through a particular sense of humor. An imaginative and inspiring film to rethink the life that was handed to us, it has received a standing ovation in Venice.

Dirección: Oskar Alegria
Script: Oskar Alegria
Cinematography: Oskar Alegria

Editing: Oskar Alegria
Music:  Ainara LeGardon, Xabier Erkizia, Mixel Etxekopar, Xavier Garcia, Justa Mentaberri, María Azcona, Elias Alegria, Ramon Lazkano
Sound: Haimar Olaskoaga
Production Company: Emak Bakia Films


Artistic director of the Punto de Vista International Festival from 2013 to 2016 in Pamplona-Navarra. His first feature film La casa Emak Bakia tells the story of the search for the house on the Basque coast where Man Ray shot his short film Emak Bakia, participated in the festivals of BAFICI, Edinburgh, Telluride, San Sebastian, San Francisco, Yamagata, Shanghai, DocsLisboa, has been translated into 16 languages and awarded with 17 prizes. Zumiriki premiered in Venice.