The New Waves Non fiction


Martina Parenti, Massimo D’Anolfi | Italy,Switzerland | 2020 | 128 min.
O.V. in Italian subtitled in Spanish and English
guerra e pace

Years ago Farocki invited us to distrust images, and Rivette alerted us to the abjection of a dolly shot. This film takes up that spirit in an intelligent and illuminating telling of who produces (and how they produce) the images. Beginning with the colonialist gaze of the archives of Italy's invasion of Libya in 1911, through the current plurality and overload of images of the world on account of smartphones and security cameras, ending with a "film school" and military audiovisual archive (perhaps the most fascinating part of the film) and its lessons on how to record and tell the story of a conflict.

Direction: Martina Parenti, Massimo D’Anolfi
Cinematography: Massimo D’Anolfi
Editing: Massimo D’Anolfi, Martina Parenti
Music: Massimo Mariani
Sound: Martina Parenti
Cast: Felix Rohner, Sabina Schärer
Production: Martina Parenti, Massimo D’Anolfi, David Fonjallaz, Louis Mataré
Production Company: Montmorency Film, Rai Cinema, Lomotion

Martina Parenti, Massimo D'Anolfi

Martina Parenti (Milan, 1972) and Massimo D'Anolfi (Pescara, 1974) made their debut in 2007 with I promessi sposi, which was selected at the Locarno Festival. It was followed by Grandi speranze (2009), shot between Italy and China, also selected at Locarno, and Il castello (2011), set entirely at Malpensa airport, winner of numerous awards at various international festivals. Materia oscura (2014), presented at the Berlinale, won the Best Human Rights Film Award at Bafici in Buenos Aires and the Best Documentary Award at Terra di Cinema - Tremblay-en-France Festival. Their exploration of nature's elements and the tension towards immortality began with Infinite Fabbrica del Duomo (2015), culminating in Spira mirabilis (2016), in competition at Venice, where their latest film, Guerra e pace, also premiered.

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