Special Screening

Entre Dos Aguas

Isaki Lacuesta | Spain | 2018 | 135 min.
O.V. in Spanish subtitled in English

Isaki Lacuesta returns to the Isla de San Fernando in Cadiz to see what has become of the brothers Isra and Cheíto, protagonists of his film La leyenda del tiempo.

Direction: Isaki Lacuesta
Script: Isa Campo, Isaki Lacuesta, Fran Araújo
Cinematography: Diego Dussuel
Editing: Sergi Dies Music: Raül Refree, Kiko Veneno
Sound: Amanda Villavieja, Alejandro Castillo Cast. Israel Gómez Romero, Cheíto Gómez Romero, Rocio Rendon, Daniela, Erika Y Manuela Gómez
Production: Isaki Lacuesta, Isa Campo Y Álex Lafuente
Production Company: La Termita Films, BTeam Pictures, All Go Movies, Mallerich Films, Bord Cadre Films Sarls, Studio Indie Productions

Isaki Lacuesta

Girona, 1975. He is one of the most relevant Spanish directors in the 21st century. In 2018 he received his second Golden Shell at San Sebastian for Entre dos aguas (he won the first in 2011 with Los pasos dobles, part of his African diptych along with El cuaderno de barro). He made his debut in 2002 with Cravan vs Cravan, a double winner at Sitges. This was followed by La leyenda del tiempo (2006), Los condenados (2009), La noche que no acaba (2010) and Murieron por encima de sus posibilidades (2014). In 2015 he codirected with Isa Campo La próxima piel, which won six awards at Malaga, the Goya for best supporting actress (Emma Suárez) and three Gaudís, among others. His films have been shown in festivals and art centres around the world. In 2018 the Centre Pompidou in Paris will show a retrospective of his work. He has made several short films and installations for exhibitions and has also written several feature film scripts. He is also a lecturer (in the documentary Master at the Pompeu Fabra and at Barcelona’s Universidad Autónoma) and he collaborates with written media.

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