The New Waves


Petra Szöcs | Hungría | 2018 | 80 min.
O.V. in Romanian and Hungarian subtitled in Spanish and English

As if one didn’t feel sufficiently conspicuous in adolescence, Kato stands out without wanting to: she is the eldest in the orphanage where she lives, she’s albino, and she possesses a pair of eyes with a life of their own. So much so that people think she is capable of casting spells and even though she herself isn’t sure that this is true, it protects her from a heralded bullying. One day she almost electrocutes herself while drying her hair and this banal event brings a new young carer, Bogi, into her life. This is that start of a complicity that will shake Kato and connect her (now truly) with her talents in a very particular coming of age film.

Direction: Petra Szöcs
Script: Petra Szöcs, Gergő Nagy V.
Cinematography: Zoltán Dévényi
Editing: László Dunai
Sound: Imre Madácsi
Cast: Csengelle Nagy, Fatma Mohamed, Boglárka Komán
Production: Péter Fülöp
Production Company: FP Films

Petra Szöcs

Born in Kolozsvár, Romania, in 1981, she is a poet and screenwriter. She studied at the Academy of Cinema and Theatre in Budapest. She has written two books of poetry, one in German and the other in Hungarian, and has directed several short films, among them The Execution, which was shown at the Official Section in Cannes in 2014. Her first feature film, Deva, had its premiere at the Venice Festival.