The New Waves Non fiction


Marc Sempere, Leire Apellaniz | Spain | 2021 | 93 min.
O.V. in Spanish subtitled in English
Niño de Elche

Like its protagonist, Niño de Elche, this is not a conventional documentary. Marc Sempere-Moya and Leire Apellaniz approach the most controversial Spanish musician of recent years from a kaleidoscopic perspective that ranges from his most intimate and familiar sphere to the multiple reverberations of his poetic universe. A portrait with its own aesthetic personality that also integrates a fruitful collective dialogue around that profoundly Spanish artistic genealogy arising from the dialectic between orthodoxy and avant-garde, between tradition and subversion. Thus, the galaxy of Canto cósmico is also shaped by the evocation and creative intervention of figures such as Angélica Liddell, José Val del Omar, Los Voluble, Pedro G. Romero, Israel Galvan or C. Tangana, among others.

acción cultural

Nominated for the AC/E First Prize for Best Director of a Spanish Film

Direction: Marc Sempere-Moya, Leire Apellaniz
Script: Marc Sempere-Moya, Leire Apellaniz
Editing: Marcos Flórez
Sound: Xabier Erkizia
Production Design: Leonor Díaz Esteve
Cast: Niño de Elche, Paqui Molina, Aladino Contreras, Pedro G. Romero, Manuel León, Raúl Cantizano, Antonio Orihuela, Los Voluble, Pepe Cicuta, C. Tangana, Estefanía Serrano, José Val del Omar, Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, Israel Galván, Angélica Liddell, Ramón Andrés, Eric Jiménez, Ernesto Artillo
Production: Leire Apellaniz
Production Company: Señor y Señora, Código Sur

Marc Sempere, Leire Apellaniz

Marc Sempere from Alicante and Leire Apellaniz from Bilbao join forces and co-direct Canto cósmico. Niño de Elche. She has worked at numerous Spanish film festivals and has been active as producer on films such as El método Arrieta (2013), Ventajas de viajar en tren (2019) and Espíritu sagrado (2021), which forms part of this year's Official Section. In 2016, she directed her first feature, El último verano, which she presented at the Seville European Film Festival. Sempere, on the other hand, is a multidisciplinary artist who has already collaborated with Niño de Elche in the shows Memoria and Comunión. In film, he was one of the protagonists of El taxista ful (Jo Sol, 2005) and directed El ball del vetlatori (2014), a film that was part of the transmedia show bearing the same title.

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