Endless Revolutions


Carmen Haro, Miguel Rodríguez | Spain | 2019 | 67 min.
O.V in Spanish subtitled in English

Nothing like an absurd challenge to obtain brilliant results. The challenge Carmen Haro and Miguel Rodriguez set themselves was to see Big, the 1988 film starring Tom Hanks, every day for thirty days. Alone or in the company of friends and family, always with subsequent conversation: different perspectives from different generations, each one seeing a different film in Big. But as in the challenge of the fifty hard-boiled eggs of The Legend of the Indomitable, they can't just walk away unscathed. The resistance of the protagonists is put to the test, conflict, humor, thought and delirium emerge.

Direction: Carmen Haro, Miguel Rodríguez
Sound: Enrique Leal
Cast: Carmen Haro, Miguel Rodríguez, Carlos Rivero, Belén Díaz, Alonso Valbuena, Araceli Giner, Julián Génisson, Lorena Iglesias, José Delgado, Beatriz Lobo, Juan Miralles, Elisa Fuenzalida, Cielo Barba, Jorge Jiménez, Amparo Barba, Luisa Pérez, Jose Luis Rodríguez, Goretti Irisarri Color: Guillermo Etchemendi
Production: Carmen Haro, Miguel Rodríguez

Carmen Haro

PhD in Communication and Social Sciences, her action-research approach has focused on the development of open, sustainable and collaborative cultural processes in different contexts. From self-administration to university settings, institutional and public-citizen co-management laboratories. Researcher and lecturer at the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid, she currently coordinates the Critical Studies Group of the National Museum Reina Sofía Art Center and develops a collaborative art project at the Matadero Madrid Contemporary Creation Center.

Miguel Rodriguez

Graduated in Media Communication, with a postgraduate degree in Master LAV and a Masters in Narrative in Visual Arts. His career as a director has been linked to the field of found-footage and non-fiction, emphasizing new readings of the pre-existing image. In 2017 he premiered his first feature film, La isla, at the Seville European Film Festival and won an award at Filmadrid. His video essay Hollis was included in BFI's The Best Video Essays of 2018.

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