Endless Revolutions


María Antón | Spain | 2018 | 62 min.
O.V. Spanish subtitle in English

A hot day in the Retiro. María Antón (lacasinegra) undertakes a kind of Comizi d’Amore of the new generations. Romantic love, fidelity, relationships and sexual identity are some of the themes discussed with various young people and adolescents, in a series of conversations in which each protagonist, each physiognomy, opinion and expression is a discovery that adds layers of emotion and significance to the whole. And so the day slips by, calmly and with observational acuity, in a clarifying and surprising investigation into the future of love.

Direction: María Antón Cabot
Script: Marina Maesso, María Antón Cabot
Cinematography: Ana Catalá
Editing: María Antón Cabot Music: Rafa Alberola Rubio
Sound: Daniel Rincón
Cast: Clementina Gades
Production: Carlos Pardo Ros, María Antón Cabot
Production Company: DVEIN Films

María Antón

María Antón Cabot, a director and editor, works in film and publicity. In 2009 she founded the collective for investigation and audiovisual practices lacasinegra, based on experimentation with the new image formats. Her work has been shown in Centro Centro (Madrid), CCCB (Barcelona), Tabakalera, the contemporary art exhibition in Geneva and the Progress Foundation (Berne). In 2013, with lacasinegra, she made her first feature film Pas à Genève ​which participated in the Seville Festival, Cinema D’Autor, Márgenes, Lima Independiente or Festifreak among others. She is also director of the short film El Racó​. As editor and scriptwriter, in 2016 she worked on the feature film Una vez fuimos salvajes​, shown at festivals such as Alcances (Best Film Award), Play Doc and Edinburgh, among others. At present, she is developing her new project in Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola. <3 is her latest film.