Measured adopted COVID19



The Seville Europea Film Festival, a safe space for everyone

The Festival is well aware of the need to guarantee the safety of all visitors and has implemented a series of protective and hygienic measures that comply with the COVID-19 standards and protocols imposed by the health authorities. These will be applied in each of the festival's official venues and in all the spaces where the activities are held. These measurements will be constantly updated according to the recommendations made by the competent health authorities.

Thanks to your collaboration, the 17th Seville Festival will be held safely.
It's time to go back to the movies. Let's make it possible together!




Actions taken
  •     Seating capacity reductions in compliance with current regulations.

  •     Numeration of seats in the screening rooms.

  •     Eating or drinking is not allowed in all screening rooms and activities.

  •     Reducing the number of projections.

  •     Spreading out screenings and/or activities in the schedule.

  •     Sanitation of rooms before and after each screening/activity.

  •     Reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection procedures in common spaces and bathrooms.

  •     Ventilation of rooms before and after each screening/activity.

  •     Sanitizing and cleaning the ventilation systems.

  •     Public flow control to ensure a safe distance.

  •     Sanitary access control: Temperature monitoring and use of hydroalcoholic gel.

  •     Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at all locations.

  •     Orderly and gradual access and evacuation of the premises.

  •     Safety distance indicators at access points and ticket offices.

  •     Protective screens at all public service points.

  •     Personal data registration (name, surname, e-mail, and telephone number) when buying and/or exchanging season tickets, accreditation and tickets.

  •     Specific training and protection of the Festival team (FFP2 mask).


What to do
  • Always wear your mask.

  • Sanitize your hands frequently.

  • Always keep a safe distance and avoid crowds.

  • Attend the screenings and/or other activities ahead of time.

  • Respect your assigned seat.

  • Leave the room in an orderly manner and following the instructions of the festival staff.

  • Choose to buy online or, in case you buy at the ticket office, use contactless payment.

  • Follow the signs and the instructions of the festival team.

If you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19, please contact the health authorities at 900 400 061 (Andalusia). The Seville European Film Festival will collaborate with the health authorities in detecting and tracking any possible leads from people who may be affected by COVID-19.