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The Seville European Film Festival is back and with it comes IndustriaSEFF, a space where a great variety of European film professionals will meet between 13th and 15th November.

In the new edition we will continue examining the question of the circulation of films under the slogan Make them circulate! with the celebration of the Annual Conference of Europa Internacional and the Europa Cinemas Innovation Lab. The programme will be complemented with discussions and presentations directly linked to the development and production of films with the special focus on Sistema Italia.

We will also welcome the XVI Conference on Animation and Videogames along with the Women in Focus Conference

As in previous years we have the support of Acción Cultural Española and of Extenda, which is organising a reverse trade mission for Andalusian companies who wish to register.

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A unique opportunity to get to know the Italian film market and produce with Italy, the new Ibermedia member.


The European organization for films international distributors celebrates its annual conference in Seville.


It's the 3rd time the European network of cinemas develops its LAB at the European Film Festival of Seville.


The most important conference of the sector in our country.

make them circulate


Coproducing with the transalpine country

After Italy’s entrance in the Ibermedia programme, SEFF, in collaboration with AGICI –Associazione Generale Industrie Cine-Audiovisive Indipendenti, and Ibermedia, will organise the seminar SISTEMA Italia, with a double objective.

1. To illustrate the national and regional lines of economic intervention, and also the Italian tax concessions to Spanish professionals.

2. To analyse the possible forms of cooperation between Spain, Italy and the Latin American countries within the Ibermedia programme.

The seminar will include a case study of a production supported by Ibermedia and also one to one meetings between Italian and Spanish producers.

Italian producers who are interested will be offered the possibility of a meeting with the Andalucia Film Commission and also a visit to shooting locations in Seville.

woen in focus


Seville will be host to the 7th Annual Conference of Europa Internacional, the European network of international sales agents with 46 members in 15 countries, whose main aim is to improve and increase the international distribution and circulation of European films inside and outside Europe.

Within the framework of Industria SEFF 18 there will be a special space for the discussion started by Europa International about festivals seeking to create a closer working relationship between two main actors in the industry, sales agents and festivals, key figures for a film’s career.

There will also be a special meeting with Spanish producers and directors to present the latest batch of Spanish films to the members of Europa Internacional present in Seville.

We will be welcoming companies such as Films Boutique, Trust Nordisk, Memento, New Europe Film Sales, Charades or Wild Bunch, to mention just a few.

Europa cinemas



Europa Cinemas is the largest network of cinemas programming European films. At present it has a total of 2,808 cinemas spread through 44 countries. Its aim is to offer financial support to cinemas which show non-national European films and organise actions and activities aimed at the young audiences.

Since 2014, on a biennial basis, SEFF and Europa Cinemas organize the Sevilla Innovation Lab, a laboratory for developing audiences and innovation for cinemas where  new strategies are analysed so that cinemas can continue to be important spaces for local communities and adapt to the changes in entertainment models.

The 3rd edition of the laboratory will again bring to Seville a selection of film exhibitors willing to learn and innovate, along with experts from different areas who will also participate in some of the activities open to professionals accredited to Industria SEFF.



Professionals and companies from the Andalusian audiovisual sector and all those present at SEFF will be able to participate in this conference which has become established as a forum for debating the latest trends in the Animation and Videogame industry, with the participation of notable experts in the sector at a national level.  Since its creation, more than 1,000 animation and video game professionals have attended the conferences over these 15 years.

The conference is organised by the Fundación Audiovisual de Andalucía in collaboration with Bad Land Publishing and the support of the Federación Española de Asociaciones de Productoras de Animación (Diboos), the Asociación Española de Empresas Productoras y Desarrolladoras de Videojuegos y Software de Entretenimiento (DEV), RTVE, Omnimum Lab, Universidad de Granada, Wiges, Tale Studios, Stega y Flow. 

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