The New Waves Non fiction


Matthieu Bareyre | France | 2018 | 94 min.
O.V. French subtitle in Spanish and English

We’re young, and we’re alive. That’s why we go out on the street, on endless nights without sleep. The demonstration and the party meld, rage and joy coexist. The street is ours, so is the future. The days in Paris from the attack on Charlie Hebdo up to the presidential elections, in that particular May 68 of the 21st century portrayed in a first work that won the Europa Cinemas Label Award in Locarno.

Direction: Matthieu Bareyre
Script: Matthieu Bareyre & Sophia Collet
Cinematography: Matthieu Bareyre
Editing: Matthieu Bareyre, Isabelle Proust, Matthieu Vassiliev
Sound: Thibaut Dufait (A.F.C.)
Production: Valéry Du Peloux
Production Company: Artisans Du Film

Matthieu Bareyre

After studying Philosophy, he worked as a film critic for Kritikat, Vertigo and for the magazine Débordements. His first documentary short film, Nocturnes (2015), was selected at Cinéma du Réel and for the Rencontres Européennes du Moyen Métrage in Brive. His first film Young & Alive competed in the Cineasti del Presente section in Locarno, winning the Europa Cinemas Label award.