The New Waves


Anna Odell | Swedish, Danish | 2018 | 113 min
O.V in Swedish and Danish subtitled in English and Spanish.

With an insatiable curiosity for human behaviour, Anna Odell (The Reunion) leads a heated social experiment in which she invites seven other actors (including Trine Dyrholm) to live locked up in a set for weeks. Each actor will play a facet of Odell and Mikael Persbrandt, the Swedish actor, and icon of masculinity, by deconstructing their identities (especially gender identities). The result is to be appreciated: where intimacy, sexuality and comedy meet, placing in doubt what is real and what is pure performance. An artsy, delirious and revealing Big Brother-ish narrative, an existential tale that does not make a false move when presenting the pettiness and desires of the human soul.


embajada suecia

Direction: Anna Odell
Script: Anna Odell
Cinematography: Daniel Takács
Editing: Kristin Grundström, Hanna Lejonqvist
Music: Gustaf Berger, Markus Hasselblom, Stefan Levin
Sound: Gustaf Berger, Jan Alvermark
Cast: Mikael Persbrandt, Trine Dyrholm, Jens Albinus, Thure Lindhardt, Shanti Roney, Vera Vitali, Sofie Gråbøl, Anna Odell
Production: Frida Bargo, Mattias Nohrborg
Production Company: B-Reel Films


Anna Odell is a Swedish conceptual artist and film director. She graduated from the University College of Arts, Craft and Design, and the Royal Institute of Art. In 2009 her graduation work, Unknown, Woman 2009-349701, was an intervention in the public space. She staged a psychotic attack on the Stockholm bridge, and was taken away by the police to the psychiatric hospital. The performance made the headline of all Swedish newspapers. In 2013, in her feature debut The Reunion (SEFF 2013) was selected for the Critics’ Week at Venice and won a number of awards, among them two Guldbagge Awards, Sweden’s top movie honors, for film and screenplay. X&Y, her latest film, has been screened in festivals such as Rotterdam, SXSW, CPH:PIX and Edimburgh.