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Anna Odell | Swedish, Danish | 2018 | 113 min
O.V in Swedish and Danish subtitled in English and Spanish.

With an insatiable curiosity for human behaviour, Anna Odell (The Reunion) leads a heated social experiment in which she invites seven other actors (including Trine Dyrholm) to live locked up in a set for weeks. Each actor will play a facet of Odell and Mikael Persbrandt, the Swedish actor, and icon of masculinity, by deconstructing their identities (especially gender identities). The result is to be appreciated: where intimacy, sexuality and comedy meet, placing in doubt what is real and what is pure performance. An artsy, delirious and revealing Big Brother-ish narrative, an existential tale that does not make a false move when presenting the pettiness and desires of the human soul.