The New Waves Non fiction


Alexe Poukine | Belgium, France | 2019 | 85 min.
V.O. en francés subtitulada en español e inglés

The unspoken does not exist. In this film, Awarded as the Most Innovative Film in Visions du Réel, the process of elaborating and telling aloud a story is what puts order in a confusing and violent experience. Ada, 19, stays for dinner at a stranger's house. Everything happens very quickly, she doesn't know how to defend herself. Nine years later she meets the filmmaker Alexe Poukine and shares her experience with her. Poukine puts in the mouths of 12 women and two men this text, that when said in first person, triggers memories and reactions in each one of them. This is how veiledly present rape is in our daily lives.

Direction: Alexe Poukine
Cinematography: Elin Kirschfink
Editing: Agnès Bruckert
Sound: Marie Paulus, Bruno Schweisguth
Production Company: Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles


Alexe Poukine was born in 1982 in Rambouillet, France. Among other titles, she holds a Master's degree in Ethnology and Comparative Sociology as well as in Creative Documentary filmmaking. Her films include Petites Morts (2008) and Dormir, Dormir dans les Pierres (2013), both presented at several international film festivals. Her film That Which Does Not Kill (2019) had its world premiere at Visions du Réel International Film Festival Nyon, where it won the Most Innovative Film Award.



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