The New Waves Non fiction


Alberto Gracia | Spain | 2018 | 67 min.
O.V. Spanish subtitle in English

In 1984, the punk group Los Fiambres released a cult record, El lado oscuro del rocanrol. This lysergic, ironic journey begins thirty years later with Rober Perdut, its singer, in a photo session in a bus station. Wanderings in a ghostly landscape, desperate zapping through the mental processes of someone under the effects of heroin and cocaine in a kind of “Videodrome for the digital era”. Image as a drug, loss and the search for the id in front of the screen.

Direction: Alberto Gracia
Script: Alberto Gracia
Cinematography: Mauro Herce, Alberto Gracia
Editing: Alberto Gracia Music: Jonay Armas
Sound: Amanda Villavieja
Cast: Nacho Alonso, Rober Soler Coloma, Humberto ‘el gitano’, J. Manuel Hermelo
Production: Alberto Gracia, Felipe Lage, José Alayón
Production Company: El Horlá Producciones, Zeitun Films, El Viaje Films

Alberto Gracia

Ferrol, 1978. He studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra. His work takes in disciplines such as painting, drawing, performance, video and installation. He has participated in exhibitions around the world, and also in research groups, conferences and round tables. He made his debut in 2008 with the short film on 16mm, Microfugas, which later, in 2010, would give rise to his book Microfugas, teoría y juego de la profanación, which questions reality in contemporary art. His first feature film, El quinto evangelio de Kaspar Hauser, won the Fipresci award at the Rotterdam Festival, and was later shown at Seville. His latest film, La estrella errante, was premiered at Rotterdam.