Un Bestiario Muy Humano



Animals in Animation Cinema

Since its inception, animation has used all kinds of furred animals to talk about the most diverse human feelings and instincts. From Starevich's unfaithful and greedy insects, to the American society's portrait depicted as Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse, to the evil comic stories about injustice and cruelty that Tex Avery delivered with characters like Daffy the Duck and Bugs Bunny, or the counter-cultural transgression of Crumb's The Cat Fritz taken to the cinema by Ralph Bakshi. Animals are to this day, great vehicles of animation (the art that can do it all) to talk about our concerns, and so it is shown in this series of films that range from bitter comedy, darkness and the recalcitrant baseness of the things we only dare to express by showing them in the form of a colorful bestiary.

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