Endless Revolutions


Salka Tiziana | Spain | 2020 | 71 min.
O.V. in German, Spanish and English subtitled in English and Spanish
tal dia

A very powerful debut feature, wrapped and subjugated in the landscape of the Sierra Morena, and in an atmosphere that blends summer lethargy with the emotional tension of its protagonists. To the sound of the merciless squeaking of the cicadas and with a blazing sun, Larissa and her twins arrive from Germany to the isolated house where their mother and sister-in-law welcome them. The flight of the children's father is delayed, it seems he will never arrive. A veil of anxiety spreads, a wave of fires threatens, water shortage and heat prevails, a series of explosions, external and internal, lurk.

Direction: Salka Tiziana
Script: Salka Tiziana
Cinematography: Tom Otte
Editing: Salka Tiziana
Music: plastiq
Sound: Mario Schöning, Felix Roggel
Cast: Melanie Straub, Amalia Amián del Pino, Pilar del Pino, Jon Bader, Ole Bader
Production: Salka Tiziana, Chantal Scheiner, Tom Otte

Salka Tiziana

Salka Tiziana (1992) grew up between Berlin and Barcelona. She started her university studies with Art History and Anthropology in Berlin and continued to study film in Hamburg and Buenos Aires. Her first feature film For the Time Being was selected by the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Critics' Week in Berlin.