EFA Selection


Ulaa Salim | Denmark| 2019 | 120 min.
O.V in Danish and Arabic subtitled in English and Spanish

Denmark, 2015. Ultra-nationalist Martin Nordahl sweeps the polls one year after an Islamic terrorist attack occurs on the Copenhagen subway. His speeches ignite the "Sons of Denmark", a violent organization with the desire to "cleanse" the country of immigrants. On the other side, Islamist opponents are planning an attack on Nordahl. In the middle of this crossfire comes Malik, a policeman of Arab origin who has to infiltrate the group of the attack. A man caught between his duty and his identity, in a forceful, provocative and politically charged thriller that recalls the cinema of Scorsese and Audiard.

Direction: Ulaa Salim
Script: Ulaa Salim
Cinematography: Eddie Klint
Editing: Jenna Mangulad
Music: Turkman Souljah
Sound: Rune Kristiansen
Production: Daniel Mühlendorph
Production Company: Hyæne Film


Danish director Ulaa Salim was born in Denmark in 1987, both parents are originally from Iraq. In his films he uses his personal experience as inspiration. In 2015 he presented a short film at IFFR Our Fathers’ Sons. Last year Ulaa Salim graduated from The National Film School of Denmark and with his graduation film Land of our Fathers he won an award at Dubai Film festival and got nominated for a Robert at the Academy in Denmark. He also established Hyena Film with his producing partner Daniel Mühlendorph. Sons of Denmark, Ulaa Salim’s debut film, premiered at the Tiger Competition in Rotterdam.