Official Selection


Milorad Krstic | Hungary | 2018 | 96 min.
O.V. in English and Hungarian subtitled in Spanish and English

Like a Picasso-style Ocean’s Eleven, or the psychological Hitchcock in surreal mode, “the best European animation film since Bienvenidos Belleville” looks at the history of cinema and art with a plot about international espionage. Ruben Brandt, a famous psychotherapist , suffers from terrible nightmares featuring famous paintings: from Botticelli to Hopper, including Velázquez (don’t worry, Murillo doesn’t appear). His group of patients become an ineffable band of thieves, travelling from the Louvre to MoMA, stealing paintings to help him to overcome his traumas. This gives rise to the famous “collector”, pursued by mobsters, insurance companies and authorities around the world.

Direction: Milorad Krstić
Script: Milorad Krstić, Radmila Roczkov
Animation: Milorad Krstić, Marcell László
Music: Tibor Cári
Sound: Danijel Daka Milošević
Production: Péter Miskolczi, János Kurdy-fehér, Milorad Krstić, Hermina Roczkov, Radmila Roczkov
Production Company: Ruben Brandt LLC.

Milorad Krstić

He was born in Slovenia in 1952 and graduated in law from the Novi Sad University in Serbia. Since 1990 he has worked in Budapest as a painter and multimedia artist. As an animator and filmmaker, in 1995 he won the Silver Bear and Best First Film Award at Annecy for his first animated short film, My Baby Left Me. He is co-author (with his wife, Radmila Roczkov) of the CD-ROM Das Anatomische Theater, with two hours of interactive animation, which won the Annecy-MIFA Award for Best Interactive Project in 1999. Ruben Brandt, Collector, his first feature film, premiered at Locarno.