Special Screening


Marie Garel-Weiss | France | 2018 | 93 min.
O.V. in French subtitled in Spanish and English

Celeste and Sihem meet the day they arrive together at a rehabilitation centre. A friendship that has its dangers and its healing potential, and which they will have to learn to balance as they travel different paths.

Direction: Marie Garel-Weiss
Script: Marie Garel-Weiss and Salvatore Lista
Cinematography: Samuel Lahu
Editing: Riwanon Le Beller, Guerric Catala
Music: Ferdinand Berville, Pierre Allio
Sound: Laurent Cercleux, Pierre Barriaud
Cast: Zita Hanrot, Clémence Boisnard, Michel Muller, Christine Citti, Marie Denarnaud, Pascal Rénéric
Production: Marie Masmonteil
Production Company: Elzévir Films

Marie Garel-Weiss

She began her career as a trainee on shoots and as assistant director. Along with Vincent Ravalec she wrote the short films L’amour dans les saunas hétérosexuels and La vie de garçon (broadcast by Canal +), after which she co-wrote Atomik Circus, by the Poiraud brothers. She has worked as scriptwriter with directors such as Fabrice du Welz, Cédric Kahn and Hélène Angel (Propriété interdite). She has also written the adaptation of Jeunesse sans Dieu by Odon von Örvath for the Théâtre de la Bastille, under the direction of François Orsoni. The Party’s Over, her debut in feature films, won three awards (including Best Picture) at the Lecce Festival of European Cinema.

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