Andalusian Panorama Shorts


black bass


Rakesh B Nawarni | Spain | 2019 | 15 min.
O.V. in Spanish subtitled in English

Things are not being easy for Dani and his father (Antonio de la Torre) knows it. That's why he has prepared a fishing day to cheer him up. But sometimes that which is good for one is not good for all.



Juan Antonio Valdivia | Spain | 2019 | 11 min.
O.V. in Spanish subtitled in English

In his last summer days at the village, Lucas, 20, is going to spend an afternoon at a lake with his friends. There he'll discover that perhaps isn't where he should be.



Juanjo Rueda | Spain | 2019 |  20 min. O.V. in Spanish subtitled in English

A short documentary film that tells the story of a village, a marriage and a way of understanding life which only remains in the memory of some.

Santas pascuas

Santas Pascuas

Bernabé Bulnes | Spain | 2019 | 15 min.O.V. in Spanish subtitled in English

The "Madrugá" in Seville. A young couple looking for a way to say goodbye.



Carlos Violadé | Spain | 2019 | 27 min.
O.V. in English, French and Spanish subtitled in Spanish 

Summer. Mark begins his vacation in Spain. A meal with friends, a beach, a boat, the sea... The most beautiful thing is going to become the most extreme experience of his life.

To monstruo

Yo, monstruo

Paco Ruiz | España | 2019 | 15 min.
O.V. in Spanish and English subtitled in English and Spanish

With a hundred "victims" behind his back, an actor specialized in monster roles gets blocked in a shoot. He has forgotten how to be a monster, and how to be himself.


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