Andalusian Panorama


Ignacio G. Merlo | Spain | 2020 | 69 min.
O.V. in Spanish subtitled in English

Tackling everyday life through his little escapes into fiction, yet not avoiding its conflicts, Ignacio G. Merlo constructs a film that is as humanistic as it is lightweight revolving around a segment of the life of Olaia, Sebas and their seven-year-old daughter Lola. Olaia works as a cleaner while she prepares an audition for the leading role in a play. Sebas runs the porter's lodge where they live, and during this time he has to look after Lola and the house. In the midst of little problems with work-life balance and the distribution of tasks, Lola's games follow in her mother's footsteps; the fantasies and scenarios gradually become reality.

Direction: Ignacio G. Merlo.
Script: Manuel Luis, Ignacio G. Merlo, Sebastián Fernández.
Cinematography: Polina Stoynova Stoynova.
Editing: Clara G. Ortega
Music: Gonzalo de la Serna, Sebastián Fernández
Sound: Antonio G. Ortega, Sergio Fernández Borrás.
Cast: Olaia Comesaña, Lola Fernández, Sebastián Fernández
Production: Manuel Luis, Jaime Gutiérrez, Ignacio G. Merlo
Production Company: El Baldoquín

Ignacio G. Merlo

Born in Malaga, Ignacio Guarderas Merlo started out doing university theater in Granada, writing and performing his own plays. At the turn of the century he emigrated to Madrid to make films. He began his training in theaters, first as an usher and then as a booth operator in theaters such as Los Verdi and El Pequeño Cine Estudio in Madrid.  In addition, he attended film workshops in San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba), and documentary, fiction, screenwriting and editing workshops in various institutions. He has made three feature films (La máscara de cristal, Morería, Fiebre), a medium-length documentary (Metamorphosis and Fortresses of the Olive Grove) and several short films. He has a degree in Humanities and a Master in Theory and Criticism of Culture from the University Carlos III of Madrid. He is currently doing his PhD in Visual Anthropology at the University of Granada.