Andalusian Panorama


Remedios Málvarez, José Romero | Spain | 2019 | 81 min.
O.V in Spanish subtitled in English

Menese is the portrait of a free, indomitable artist who loved flamenco above it all. A vocalist politically committed to the era in which he was supposed to live, and who, under the guidance of his mentor Francisco Moreno Galván, revolutionized flamenco by taking it to cultural spaces and stages it had never reached before. Today those hymns are recovered and reinterpreted by young voices of women like Rocío Márquez, Laura Vital (with Raúl Rodríguez) and Rosario La Tremendita: the new revolutionary voices of today's flamenco.



Direction: Remedios Malvárez, José Romero.
Script: José Romero, Remedios Malvárez
Cinematography: Luis Castilla
Sonido: Alonso Velasco, Francis Cortés
Producción: Arturo Andújar,  Paola Sanz de Baranda


Huelva, 1968. She began her professional career as a self-taught photographer complementing her studies in Madrid, Barcelona and London. She develops her professional career as a freelance photographer in editorial and advertising photography. In 2010 she created Producciones Singulares, a company based in Seville. As director she started with the short film Silencio, premiered at the Bienal de Flamenco 2014, ASECAN Prize and the RTVA Prize. Alalá, her first feature-length documentary, won seven nominations for the Goya 2017 and the ASECAN Award for Best First Film in 2016.


Alcalá de Guadaíra, Seville, 1981. He holds a PhD in Journalism and a Master's Degree in Screenwriting from the University of Seville. Murillo stands out in his filmography. Óxido y oro (2017), is also the scriptwriter of a trilogy of documentaries about the poet Federico García Lorca in America. He is a scriptwriter for documentary series and television shows in Canal Sur.