The New Waves Non fiction

IN MEMORIAM (la derrota conviene olvidarla)

Marcos Merino | Spain | 2018 | 75 min.
O.V. Spanish subtitle English

An impressive photographic archive is found: it documents four decades of life in an industrial valley that was the most populated in Spain. Meanwhile, a group of children learn to sing like their grandparents, three pensioners rehabilitate a mine as if they were in the 19th century and an archaeologist climbs a misty mountain in search of a Neolithic cave. Dissimilar journeys but parallel in their attempt to keep alive a memory that, although it changed the history of a place, is gradually fading. After the moving achievement of ReMine, Marcos Merino reflects on the significance of remembering through various overlapping stories. For there is no identity without memory.

Direction: Marcos M. Merino
Fotografía: Marcos M. Merino
Montaje: Álvaro Gago
Sonido: Óscar de Ávila
Producción: Marta F. Crestelo
Compañía Productora: Freews

Marcos M. Merino

Gijón, 1973. He graduated in Audio-Visual Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrd. Co-founder of the independent production company Freews, he has worked as a journalist, photographer, screen writer and editor in cinema and television His most notable films include his first feature film ReMine, el último movimiento obrero, (Best Film in the New Waves Non-Fiction section in Seville, 2014), an award winner at the many international festivals where it has been shown. He has directed the short film A noite é necesaria, included in the project Nimbos del Día de las Letras Galegas dedicated to the poet Xosé María Díaz Castro, and he has written, directed and shot two series for the Televisión del Principado de Asturias, La llucha and Patrimoniu. In Memoriam (defeat is best forgotten) is his latest film.