Endless Revolutions


Anna Eriksson | Finland | 2018 | 90 min.
O.V. Englsih subtitle in Spanish

The Finnish pop star, composer and artist Anna Eriksson stars in, writes and directs this film from another world, which explores the relationship between sex and death. And, like every self-respecting work of art, it caused controversy at the Critics’ Week in Venice. A copy of Marilyn Monroe (Eriksson) living in a sphere like Twin Peaks  represents in various paintings a 21st century version of the dark side of the myth. A sensorial experience, like they never expected to have inside a cinema.

Direction: Anna Eriksson
Script: Anna Eriksson
Cinematography: Matti Pyykkö
Editing: Anna Eriksson Music: Anna Eriksson
Sound: Anna Eriksson
Cast: Anna Eriksson, Petri Salo, Gail Ferguson, Axel Sutinen, Ari Vieno
Production Company: Anna Eriksson, Ihode Management Ltd, Cursum Per cio

Anna Eriksson

She was born in 1977 in Finland. Because of her father’s work, she spent her childhood and adolescence in countries such as India, Tanzania and Saudi Arabia. From an early age she studied music, focusing on singing. After graduating she made her first record, which was a great success in Finland. She has made ten records since then, writing and producing the last four herself. She has won a multitude of awards, including two Emma Awards (the Finnish Grammy) and for her album MANA in 2012 she received the Teosto Award, one of the most important artistic rewards in the Nordic countries. In 2013 she started working on her first feature film, M, which premiered at the Critics’ Week in Venice in 2018.