Andalusian Panorama


Antonio Rodrigo | España | 2020 | 50 min.
O.V. in Spanish and Arabic subtitled in Spanish

It can be said that Western Sahara is a limbo: it is the largest territory on the planet still to be decolonised, currently under Moroccan occupation since 1975 and waiting endlessly for its self-determination. In this film we will learn about the history of the oppression and resistance of the Sahrawi people, but also about its beauty and richness from the visual poetry, the sounds that evoke the Sahara and the inter-generational story of the protagonists in this history. A project promoted by the Andalusian organisations Nomadocs and Sahara Acción Granada that aims to make a forgotten and silenced testimony visible.

Direction: Antonio Rodrigo
Script: Ana Hidalgo, Antonio Rodrigo
Cinematography: Pablo de las Cuevas
Editing: Antonio Rodrigo, Schlomo Goldberg
Music: Aziza Brahim
Sound: José Tomé
Production: Juan Crevera
Production Company: Nomadocs, Sahara Acción Granada

Antonio Rodrigo

Documentary filmmaker and founder of Nomadocs. Traveler and story explorer, he defines himself as a social film craftsman. His first short film El sentir desde fuera was awarded internationally and selected to represent Spain at the Biennial for Young Artists of the Mediterranean held in Skopje in 2008. After a few publications on TV and more than 12 years of experience in the social documentary sector working for IFC, World Bank, GlobalCad and other organizations, he decides to break free and establish Nomadocs with the idea of using his work as a tool for education and social awareness.