Andalusian Panorama Shorts


David Orellana | Spain | 2020 | 12 min.
O.V. in made-up language subtitled in Spanish.
Las niñas terribles

A group of children work on the construction of a strange monument at the top of a lost hill, watched by a disturbing guard. The lack of unity in the group will lead to a conflict in which everything will be at stake.

This title will be screened in Session #1 of Andalusian Panorama Shorts



Direction : David Orellana
Script : David Orellana, Alba Ballesta
Cinematography: Germán Reina, David Orellana
Editing: David Orellana
Music: David Orellana
Sound: David Orellana, Daniel Orellana
Cast: Alba Ballesta
Production: Weba Studio