Endless Revolutions


Burnin' Percebes | Spain | 2019 | 63 min.
O.V in Spanish subtitled in English

Belonging to the lineage of La Hora Chanante, Miguel Noguera and Venga Monjas, with a background in the world of webseries, Burnin' Percebes have been writing the underground history of Spanish cinema for a decade with a filmography made by counting up every penny. La reina de los lagartos is their latest feature, shot in super 8. The day comes when Berta (Bruna Cusí, Summer 1993) and Javi (Javier Botet, "monster" of the performance that began as the girl Medeiros in [Rec]) have to say goodbye after their summer affair, because a spaceship comes looking for Javi. But what if it doesn't come? 

Direction: Burnin’ Percebes (Fernando Martínez , Juan González)
Script: Burnin’ Percebes
Cinematography: Fernando Martínez
Editing: Burnin’ Percebes
Music: Sergio Bertran
Sound: Roger Navarro, Juan González, Leo Dolgan
Cast: Bruna Cusí , Javier Botet , Ivan Labanda, Miki Esparbé , Roger Coma , Al Sarcoli, Margot Sánchez
Production: Burnin’ Percebes

Burnin' Percebes

Burnin' Percebes are Fernando Martínez, graduated in Fine Arts at the UB and Juan González, graduated in film at the ESCAC. Their career began with short films such as Vet aquí un gat Liberade o kraken and the animated series Ventura Time, winner of the prize for best animation series at the Carballo Interplay Festival and the Girona Film Festival. They have directed three self-produced feature films. Searching for Meritxell (2015) was present at the D'A Film Festival, BAFICI and Cinema Low Cost festivals. His second feature IKEA 2 was a finalist in the Rizoma Award for Best Independent Film of the Year. In 2017, his short documentary ['ki ku] won a special mention from the jury at INEDIT. In 2019 they finished their third feature film La reina de los lagartos, which will be premiered in Seville.

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