The New Waves


Ivan I. Tverdovskiy | Rusia, Lituania, Irlanda, Francia | 2018 | 95 min.
O.V. Russian subtitle in Spanish and English

A woman slides a baby through a hatch door. Sixteen years later, that baby is an adolescent who lives in an orphanage and has a particular “superpower”: he doesn’t feel physical pain. And that same mother who abandoned him takes him out of there, after which he begins a career of extortion, letting himself be run over by rich people so he can then bleed them dry in court. A peculiar anti-superhero for times that are corrupt rather than epic. From Ivan I. Tversovskiy, director of the award-winning Zoology and of Correction Class. Special Award at Karlovy Vary, and Eurimages Award at the Cinemart in Rotterdam.

Direction: Ivan I. Tverdovskiy
Script: Ivan I. Tverdovskiy
Cinematography: Denis Alarcón Ramirez
Editing: Ivan I. Tverdovskiy Music: Kirill Richter
Sound: Jonas Maksvytis
Cast: Denis Vlasenko, Anna Slyu, Danil Steklov, Pavel Chinarev, Vilma Kutavičiútë
Production: Natalya Mokritskaya
Production Company: Tremora, Film and Music Entertainment Ireland, Arizona Films Productions, New People Film Company

Ivan I. Tverdovskiy

He was born in 1988 in Moscow, and in 2011 he graduated from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). His documentaries have been shown at numerous festivals and won awards. These include As If Waiting For a Bus (2009), Pianism (2012) and Space Dog (2013). Correction Class (2014), inspired by the novel of the same name by Ekaterina Murashova, was his debut in feature films and won awards at the festivals in Thessaloniki and Tallin. Zoology (2016) won the Special Jury Prize at Karlovy Vary and was shown at numerous festivals, including San Sebastian. Jumpman premiered in Karlovy Vary in 2018.