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Edmunds Jansons | Latvia, Poland | 2019 | 70 min.
O.V in English subtitled in Spanish

Jacob has spent the summer in the city, specifically at his uncle’s Eagle, an ex-pirate, and his determined cousin Mimmi home. But summer boredom turns into a secret mission when Mimmi learns that they plan to build a skyscraper in the only park of her neighbourhood. The two of them set off with a gang of talking dogs, Jacob's friends: an unusual squadron fighting against real estate speculation.

Direction: Edmunds Jansons
Script: Liga Gaisa, Edmunds Jansons
Lead Animator: Mārtiņš Dūmiņš
Editing: Edmunds Jansons, Michal Poddebniak
Music: Krzysztof A. Janczak
Sound: Ģirts Bišs
Production: Sabine Andersone, Jakub Karwowsi
Production Company: Atom Art


Edmunds Jansons was born in Latvia in 1972. He was one of the founders of the film studio Atom Art in 2001. In 2012 he graduated from the Estonian Academy of Art, then went on to study a master's degree in Animation. He works as an animation film director and graphic designer. His filmography includes award-winning short films such as Little Bird's Diary (2007), Springtime in Crow Street (2009), How Shammies Bathed (2010), International Father's Day (2012), Choir Tour (2012, SEFF 2013), How Shammies were getting married (2014) and Isle of Seals ( 2014). Jacob, Mimmy and the Dogs of the Neighborhood is his first feature film. Apart from being a film director, Jansons is a renowned illustrator of children's books.

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