The New Waves Non fiction


Bojina Panayotova | France, Bulgary | 2018 | 83 min.
O.V. Bulgarian and French subtitle in Spanish and English

This tragic-comic odyssey, both a spy film and family film, begins when Panayatova decides to return to Bulgaria after emigrating to Paris when she was eight and the Iron Curtain had recently come down. But there is something in her privileged past that doesn’t quite tally for her, and the questions to her parents only lead to more questions: amidst arguments over Skype, secret recordings, propaganda films, old photos and conversations with her driving school teacher, everything keeps smelling to Panayatova of collaborationist goings on, while she faces growing hostility, the scant desire of her family (and of the whole country) to remember and the “post-communist paranoia” that tinges everything red.

Direction: Bojina Panayotova
Script: Bojina Panayotova
Cinematography: Bojina Panayotova, Xavier Sirven
Editing: Léa Chatauret, Elsa Jonquet, Bojina Panayotova Music: Emilian Gatsov
Sound:Bojina Panayotova, Xavier Sirven
Production: Roy Arida, Arnaud Dommerc
Production Company: Stank, Andolfi

Bojina Panayotova

She was born in Bulgaria in 1982, and at the age of eight moved with her family to France. She has a degree in Philosophy and also studied direction at La Fémis. She has made several short films that have been seen internationally: Si je tombe (2008), À domicile (2009) and Cosmonautes (2014). Her first feature film, I See Red People, premiered at the Berlinale.