Official Selection


Víctor Moreno | Spain | 2018 | 80 min.
V.O in Spanish subtitled in English
la ciudad oculta

After sneaking us into the Edificio España, a symbolic Madrid building (and in passing being denounced by the Banco Santander and becoming a reference for the new Spanish cinema), Victor Moreno leads us on a sensorial, almost lysergic journey through the undersoil of the city: the vast framework of galleries, tunnels, pipes, sewers, transport networks, undergound stations, areas of entertainment and consumption that heave under our feet. A reality so hidden that it seems almost unreal, in a sensual fusion of anthropology and science fiction that invites us to reflect on what is hidden by the idea of progress on which our society is built.

Direction: Víctor Moreno
Script: Rodrigo Rodriguez, Nayra Sanz Fuentes, Victor Moreno
Cinematography: Jose A. Alayon
Editing: Samuel M. Delgado, Victor Moreno Music: Atmus Tietchens, Juan Carlos Blancas.
Production: Jose Alayon, Marina Alberti, Nayra Sanz Fuentes, Eva Chillon, Dirk Manthey, Victor Moreno
Production Company: El Viaje Films, Rinoceronte Films, Pomme Hurlante Films, Dirk Manthey, Kino Pravda

Víctor Moreno

He was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1981. He studied Film and Philosophy at the Complutense University in Madrid. He has made the feature films Edificio España (2014) and Holidays (2010) which were presented at festivals such as San Sebastian, DocLisboa, BAFICI or Documenta Madrid. His medium length film La piedra (2013) was presented in the official section of Visions du Réel. His short films include such notable titles as El extraño (2010, Grand Jury Award Notodofilmfest), Feriantes (2010) or Felices fiestas (2008) which have been shown at festivals in more than 20 countries. He also teaches in various centres such as IED or in workshops for the CA2M in Madrid. La ciudad oculta is his latest film.