Maratón Grotesco Palomitero


La semana del asesino

In this year without parties, the grotesque popcorn marathon is the only party of the festival: social distancing series B, in a night animated by a double program of Iberian fantasy for the comfort of our demanding public. A redux marathon, where your screams and insults are muffled by the required masks, but keeping the same spirit as always.

Maldito bastardo


Eloy de la Iglesia | Spain  | 1972 | 98 min.
By now we know that Eloy de la Iglesia is much more than just cinema punk, here as proof of that: La semana del asesino, a film which the censor of the moment (a supernumerary of Opus Dei) subjected to 62 cuts because of the sex and violence it presents. It is the story of a man who kills a taxi driver after an altercation and then cannot stop killing. In the process, he opens up to a new world of pleasures at the hands of his neighbour (Eusebio Poncela in his first role), in a film that is not only gruesome terror, but also an unusual queer and rebellious piece of work in the aridity of 70s Spain.


Javi Camino | Spain | 2009 | 82 min.
Shot in sumptuous mini-DV, and with special effects taken out of the dollar store, here is a jewel of Spanish gore that will have its premiere in Seville in this incomparable setting. Blood (and guts) sister of titles like La furia de MacKenzie and released the same year as the mythical La matanza caníbal de los garrulos lisérgicos (with which it shares the lead actor), Maldito bastardo tells how Fonsiño hears from his grandfather a grotesque and delirious story where the truth ends up melting with the inventions of a senile narrator: mad doctors, wild rednecks, remote-controlled androids, mechanical pigs and cuddly deities.

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