Special Screening


Virginie Gourmel | Belgium, Switzerland | 2019 | 87 min.
O.V in French subtitled in English and Spanish

Despite glancing her Bambi eyes at first sight, Kathy is a quiet ticking bomb at the age of 14. Her hopeless desperation will cause her to escape from the psychiatric facility where she has just been admitted, dragging her two roommates with her. She goes in search of her father, of whom she hardly knows anything. Three dysfunctional teenagers on the road, on a dangerous journey for the world and, above all, for themselves.


institut frances

Direction: Virginie Gourmel
Script: Micha Wald
Cinematography: Juliette Van Dormael
Editing: Damien Keyeux
Music: Dan Klein
Sound: Eric Ghersinu, Jérôme Vittoz
Cast: Lisa Viance, Yamina Zaghouani, Noa Pellizari, Alessandro Mancuso
Production: Jean-Marc Fröhle, Patrick Quinet
Production Company: Artémis Productions


After studying at INSAS, Virginie Gourmel started working as camera assistant in Paris and Brussels. In 2006, she shot her first short film aÏe! made with expired film, which caught the attention of numerous international festivals. She directed the next year her second short film Stagman, in Poland. Every since, Gourmel has worked on different short films, documentaires, art and fashion films as DOP. Her encounter in 2016 with Patrick Quinet got her to direct her first feature film, Cavale.

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