Special Screening


Denis Do | France, Belgium and Luxembourg | 2018 | 84 min.
O.V. in French subtitled in Spanish and English

1975, Cambodia. A young mother and her family are deported to a forced labour camp by the Khmer Rouge. Along the way she loses her son. In the coming months, she will have to fight to survive and not lose hope in a reunion.

Direction: Denis Do
Script: Denis Do, Magali Pouzol
Music: Thibault Kientz Agyeman
Art Director: Michael Crouzat
Prodution: Sébastien Onomo, David Grumbach, Annemie Degryse, Louise Génis Cosserat, Justin Stewart
Production Company: Les Films d'Ici, Lunanime, Bac Cinema, WebSpider Productions, Epuar, Ithinkasia

Denis Do

Paris, 1985. He grew up immersed in three cultures: the French, the Chinese and the Cambodian. In 2009 he graduated from the Gobelins animation school with the short film The Ribbon. He has worked in the art and animation department for series and films such as Titeuf, le film (2011), Tout en haut du monde (2015) and Zombillénium (2017). Funan is his first feature film, based on his own family history. With it he won the Crystal for Best Film at the prestigious Annecy animation festival.

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