Foco Lene Berg


Lene Berg | Norway | 2019 | 103 min.

Imagine that one day you go out for a walk in the park, and all the sudden you end up buried in an avalanche of accusations without even seeing it coming. That is exactly what happened to Lene Berg's partner in her neighbourhood, Harlem, in New York, and that's what this film is about: a whole detective-like reconstruction of shocking events. Despite the gravity of the situation (lived in first person) portions of humour and wittiness remain. In short, a chronicle of an injustice which reveals that the paths of gentrification are inscrutable.

Direction: Lene Berg
Script: Lene Berg
Editing: Zayne Armstrong
Sound: Svenn Jakobsen, Odin Eggen Brække
Production: Ingebjørg Torgersen
Production Company: FABB001 AS
Contact: Lene Berg |

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