The New Waves Non fiction


Salomé Lamas | Portugal, Germany | 2018 | 85 min.
O.V. Russian, Moldovan, Ukrainian and Romanian subtitle in Spanish and English

Kolja is a young man of Moldavian nationality but loyal to Transnistria, a country not recognized by the international community and still immersed in communist ideology. A place that doesn’t exist, the starting point for Kolja’s journey to nowhere amidst borders and monuments, a dangerous and lethargically exciting road movie which is also a powerful study of the fall of the USSR, the borders of Europe, the constant fragmentation of the continent and the dissolution of identities. A film in which Salomé Lamas (Eldorado Xxi, Tierra de nadie) brings together once again a brutal political reflection and an overwhelming collection of images.

Direction: Salomé Lamas
Script: Salomé Lamas
Cinematography: Jorge Piquer Rodriguez
Editing: Telmo Churro, Francisco Moreira
Music: Andreia Pinto Correia
Sound: Salomé Lamas, Stanislav Danylyshyn
Production: Cristina Almeida, Fabienne Martinot, So a Bénard, Salomé Lamas
Production Company: O Som e a Fúria, Lamaland

Salomé Lamas

Lisbon, 1987. She is the director of numerous short films, including The Community (2012), Encounters with Landscape 3x (2012), VHS: Video Home System (2010-2012), Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (2013), Le Boudin (2014), The Tower (2015) and Coup de Grâce (2017). Her first feature film, Terra de Ninguem, premiered at the Berlinale and was shown at the leading international festivals. Later on, she directed Eldorado XXI (Seville Festival, 2016) and Extinção, premiered at CPH:DOX in 2018. Her work has been shown at festivals such as the Berlinale, BAFICI, Mar del Plata, Rome, DocLisboa, Fid Marseille or Cinema du Réel, and in institutions such as MNCARS, MoMA , Guggenheim Bilbao, Harvard Film Archive, Museum of Moving Images NY, Arsenal Berlon, Serralves and La Casa Encendida, among others.