Andalusian Panorama


Antonio Hens | Spain | 2020 | 63 min.
O.V. in Spanish subtitled in English

Antonio Hens from Cordoba delivers a fascinating and unusual look at the world of the porn industry, in which a convention acts as a melting pot that allows us to meet a number of people whose way of life is "live" sex. Through the stories of a series of men who are involved in gay porn, and the particularities of this work in which the body is a tool (erections being a sensitive element in this equation), another perspective is opened up: the one of the mise en scène of others' fantasies and what this implies for the bodies that carry them out.

Director: Antonio Hens
Script: Antonio Hens
Cinematography: Teo Palomo, Antonio Hens
Editing: Juan Moya
Sound: Federico Pajaro
With: Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, Jonathan Stick, Alejandro Mango, Frank Valencia Yelena Vera, Javi Méndez, Adam Risso, Rómulo Sang, Axel Max, Adam Archuleta, Mark Ruffalo, Carlos Resa
Production Company: Malas Compañías PC S.L.

Antonio Hens

Born in Córdoba in 1969, he is a director, scriptwriter and producer. He directed Clandestinos in 2007, winner of the Best Film BridgeFest Sarejevo in 2009; La partida in 2014, winner of the Best Film Award at the Roze Filmdagen in Amsterdam and present in Seville; Oh! Mammy Blue (2018) obtained the Golden Tile for Best Film at the Alicante Festival. His short films Adiós Eva, Te quiero and Malas compañías also stand out. On television he has directed series such as Arrayán. Also, he has produced ten fiction feature films, seven documentaries and ten short films: Azul y no tan rosa (Miguel Ferrari) which got a Goya in 2014 for best Latin American film, Boleto al paraíso (Gerardo Chijona) nominated for a Goya in 2012, La noche de las dos lunas (Miguel Ferrari), also nominated for a Goya in 2020 and El nadador (Pablo Barce), named best short film at the Goyas in 2020, eventually winning a Forqué. En vivo is his most recent film.