Special Screening

El Silencio de Otros

Almudena Carracedo, Robert Bahar | Spain, USA | 2018 | 95 min.
O.V. in Spanish

The persistent struggle by a series of individuals to end the complicit silence about the crimes against humanity committed by Francoism.

Direction: Almudena Carracedo y Robert Bahar
Script: Robert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo, Kim Roberts, Ricardo Acosta
Cinematography: Almudena Carracedo
Editing: Kim Roberts, Ricardo Acosta Music: Leo Heiblum y Jacobo Lieberman
Sound: Steve Miller
Production: Robert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo
Production Company: LUCERNAM FILMS contacto@lucernamfilms.com

Almudena Carracedo, Robert Bahar

Carracedo and Bahar are the filmmakers behind Made in L.A. (2007), a film that was shown at more than a hundred festivals, was broadcast on public television in the U.S. and won numerous awards (including an Emmy) and El silencio de otros, which won the Audience Award in the Panorama Section at the Berlinale and the Cinema for Peace Award, among other awards at international festivals. Almudena Carracedo was born in Madrid and has developed her career in the United States, winning important scholarships and awards from institutions such as the Guggenheim, Creative Capital, Sundance, Time Warner and United States Artists. She is an honorary doctor of the Wesleyan University of Illinois. Robert Bahar, from Philadephia, has directed and produced the documentary Laid to Waste, and also produced numerous independent films. He has received distinctions from Creative Capital and Sundance Documentary, and he has a Master from the School of Cinema and Television at the University of Southern California.

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