Andalusian Panorama Shorts


Juanma Suárez | Spain | 2021 | 18 min.
O.V. in Spanish
El Productor

Arturo is an old film producer who will not go down in history for the quality of his films. Even so, through deceit and manipulation, he has achieved a prominent place in the industry.

This title will be screened in Session #2 of Andalusian Panorama Shorts

Direction: Juanma Suárez
Script : Juanma Suárez
Cinematography: Antonio Galisteo
Music: Pablo Cervantes
Production Design: Pilar Angulo
Cast: Antonio Dechent, Emilio Gavira, Ana Pariente
Production: Enrique Guzmán
Production Company: Cinnamon Factory, Rakia Films Productores

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