Andalusian Panorama


Jesús Pascual | Spain | 2021 | 109 min.
V.O. in Spanish
dolores guapa

Traditional religious images and traditions run through the lives of all the people who live in Seville. Historically, local queers have assimilated them since their childhood and through them they have been creating their own meeting spaces and codes. Today, new dissident identities continue to respond to these traditions: they participate or move away, continue or transform what exists. This film looks at these traditions through a perspective that has always been unfairly relegated to the margins.

Direction: Jesús Pascual
Editing: Jesús Pascual, Antonio Bonilla
Music: Álvaro Romero
Sound: Álvaro Lara
Production: Antonio Bonilla, Antonio Rosa Lobo

Jesús Pascual

Jesús Pascual (Alcalá de Guadaíra, 1997) graduated in Audiovisual Communication in 2019 from the University of Seville. That same year he premiered the documentary short film Mi arma, selected and awarded at numerous festivals in Spain and abroad. In 2021 he directed Dolores guapa, his first feature-length documentary, in which he once again tackles, this time in greater depth, issues related to queer identities in Andalusia. He is currently studying a Master's Degree in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture organised by the UAM, the UCM and the Reina Sofía Museum.

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