The New Waves


"Tarık Aktaş | Turckey | 2018 | 73 min.
O.V. Turkish subtitle in Spanish and English"

Best New Director award in Locarno. Hay, aged seven, comes across a dead horse in the countryside. The adults around him start to pass the buck when it comes to getting rid of the body, in an episode the marks the child’s life. When grown up, he is faced with that memory again while performing a ritual sacrifice. In an elliptical, atmospheric way, Aktas talks from the particular about the universality of man’s relationship with nature, past traumas and the levity of life and the flesh.

Direction: Tarık Aktaş
Script: Tarık Aktaş
Cinematography: Necmettin Akdeniz
Editing: Osman Bayraktaroğlu
Music: Hayvanlar Alemi
Sound: Barkın Engin
Cast: Barış Mert Bilgi, Ali Yavuz Ilman, Ömer Bora, Serkan Aydın, Dilara Topuklular
Production: Güneş Şekeroğlu
Production Company: Hay Film

Tarık Aktaş

He was born in Germany and currently lives and works in Istanbul. He has directed numerous short films, including Brothel of Subconscious (2006) and Video of Circumcision (2007). His latest experimental video, Basiret (2017), is part of his multimedia exhibition Supersensible. Dead Horse Nebula is his first feature film and with it he won the Best New Director Award at the Cineasti del Presente section at Locarno.