The New Waves Non fiction


Nicolas Philibert | France| 2018 |105 min.
O.V. French subtitle in Spanish and English

Although nursing has been seen as a secondary work throughout history, the fact is that the world is sustained thanks to it. That is why the profound and honest look by Nicolas Philibert (To Be and To Have) at the training of those who have to take on that task in nursing, is essential. From training in the more technical practices to how to deal with patients and work in hospitals, a passionate film about the little gestures and the thousand particularities involved in dealing with people in a vulnerable state, a job that requires endless delicacy and strength.

Direction: Nicolas Philibert
Cinematography: Nicolas Philibert
Editing: Nicolas Philibert
Sound: Yolande Decarsin, Romain Ozanne
Production: Denis Freyd
Production Company: Archipel 35, France 3 Cinéma, Longride

Nicolas Philibert

He was born in Nancy, France, in 1951. He studied Philosophy at the University of Grenoble and, at 19, he was assistant director and set designer on the film Les Camisards, by René. He has worked with directors such as Alain Tanner or Claude Goretta. He is considered one of the great documentary makers of our time. He made his debut in 1978 with La voix de son maître, and the milestones in his extensive filmography include Le pays des sourds (1992), Un animal, deux amimaux (1996), the award winning To Be and To Have (2002), with which he won the European Film Award for Best Documentary, the Louis Delluc Award and a BAFTA nomination, among others, and Nénette (2010). His latest film, De chaque instant, premiered at the Locarno Festival in 2018.