The New Waves Non fiction


"Anja Kofmel | Switzerland, Croatia, Germany, Finland | 2018 | 90 min.
O.V. in German, English and Spanish subtitled in Spanish and English

Cousin Chris, a good looking adventurer, with his cigarette and his scarf, left an indelible impression on Anja Kofmel when she was a child. Chris, the Swiss, was found dead in strange circumstances and wearing a paramilitary uniform during the war in the Balkans in 1991. Following that trail, Kofmel sets out on a journey through her own memory, and through the scabrous past of this reckless war reporter, through animation, interviews and archive material. And what begins as the evocation of an idealized figure ends up uncovering an incredible international plot whose tentacles extend even to Spain.

Direction: Anja Kofmel
Script: Anja Kofmel
Cinematography: Simon Guy Fässler
Editing: Stefan Kälin
Music: Marcel Vaid
Sound: Markus Krohn
Animation: Simon Eltz, Serge Valbert
Production: Samir, Sinisa Juricic, Heino Deckert, Iikka Vehkalahti
Production Company: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG, Nukleus Film, MA.JA.DE. Filmproduktion, IV Films

Anja Kofmel

She was born in Switzerland in 1982. After studying at the University of the Arts in Zurich, (ZHdK), she studied animation at the School of Art and Design in Lucerne. In 2008 she graduated in visual design with the short film Chrigi, in which she dealt with the same subject as in her first feature film, Chris the Swiss, which premiered at the Semaine de la Critique at Cannes, and was part of the official competition at the prestigious Annecy Animation Festival.