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In this session we will see closeness and understanding, mixed with an outstanding cinematographic intelligence, different approaches to people that combine human interest with militant determination. Starting with the enlightening portrait of Maria, a farmer from Puglia, in Maria e Giorni, to continue with the disconcerting peasant ritual of Lucania, portrayed in an expressionist way in La passione del grano, a film co-directed with his partner Lino del Fra. Sardegna which narrates how Mangini turns around an assignment given by the Ministry of Labor, by displaying a region of ancestral traditions crushed by progress. Next we have Essere donne, an emblematic work that goes ahead of feminism and that contrasts the image of the woman whose ads sell with that of the real, hard working women and mothers. La scelta and La briglia sul collo close the session. The first is on the moral conflict of euthanasia, and the last is a very fresh portrait of Fabio Spada, a child from the Roman suburb of San Basilio in the 70s.



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Cecilia Mangini | Italy | 1958 | 10 min. | O.V. in Italian subtitled in English and Spanish
Mangini's debut, featuring a text by a Pasolini who was still a mere writer, a work withdrawn by the censorship that portrays the terrible living conditions, but also the animal spirit, of the young people of the Roman borgates, marginal and poor villages.


Cecilia Mangini | Italy | 1960 | 10 min. | O.V. in Italian subtitled in English and Spanish
An ecstatic film that borders on the hallucination that places us in the middle of the mourners' ritual at a funeral in Salento, Southern Italy. An endangered tradition in a film that includes a text by Pasolini.


Cecilia Mangini | Italy | 1962 | 11 min. | O.V. in Italian subtitled in English and Spanish
A sensual and vibrant vision without euphemisms about the children of the Roman suburbs and their summer hobby, swimming in the ponds, with commentary by Pier Paolo Pasolini.


Cecilia Mangini | Italy | 1964 | 11 min. | O.V. in Italian subtitled in English and Spanish
An anti-ethnological and anti-anthropological documentary about the nightly pilgrimage of the faithful to the Virgin of the Sanctuary of Divine Love: an archaic cult born in modern times, at the end of the Second World War.


Cecilia Mangini | Italy | 1965 | 11 min. | O.V. in Italian subtitled in English and Spanish
The industrial city of Brindisi is the setting for this film, the tension between the bright promises of the industrial world and the not-so-bright reality of a young worker, in one of Mangini's most emblematic works.


Cecilia Mangini, Paolo Pisanelli | Italy | 2017 | 7 min. | O.V. in Italian subtitled in English and Spanish
A piece based on Mangini's photographs of a journey that would change her life: the one she took at the age of 25 to the pumice mines of Lipari, a lunar landscape displaying extreme working conditions that she portrayed in 46 images both beautiful and devastating.


Cecilia Mangini, Paolo Pisanelli | Italy | 2018 | 7 min. | O.V. in Italian subtitled in English and Spanish
An astonished crowd turns its face to the boldness of a young photographer in 1956, at the Puglia village festival.

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