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Xawery Żuławski | Poland | 2019 | 138 min
O.V in Polish subtitled in English and Spanish.

Before passing away, Andrej Zulawski left a script, which was filmed by his son Xawery: the excess, euphoria and the father’s delirious spirit with a new vision. Two History and Literature teachers are dismissed from a High School. We follow their drifts, especially the literature one (mirror of Xawery) who shares a flat with a leper pianist, lives a love story with a limping florist, and ends up being part of a criminal gang. A film that is both a political allegory of present-day Poland (in its confusion between the communist past and the rise of the right wing), a film-within-a-film charged with an agitated love story(s) that is crowned in a thrilling from-son-to-the-father final tribute.