Andalusian Panorama


Isaías Griñolo | Spain | Spain | 2019 | 81 min.
O.V in Arabic, Italian, French and Spanishh subtitled in Spanish

Always interested in highlighting the cruelest and most invisible mechanisms of power, Isaías Griñolo looks at the drift of this Europe that has turned the Mediterranean into a battlefield, and in which nationalist and xenophobic discourses fueled by false ideas about migrants proliferate. An eclectic group of activists walk through some of these tragic Mediterranean scenarios and, while doing so, denounce the European Union's border policy. A film essay based on the idea of travel and the performative practices resulting from walking, and facing our fears as Europeans, a look into our shadowed self.

Direction: Isaías Griñolo
Script : Colaborativo
Cinematography: Isaías Griñolo
Music: Javi Triana, Antonio Orihuela
Production Company: BNV Producciones, Art For Change “La Caixa”


Born in 1963, Visual Artist, Filmmaker and Exhibition Curator. He lives and works in Seville. Educated at the UNIA Art and Philosophy Programme of the International University of Andalusia. He is part of the PRPC (Platform for Reflection on Cultural Policies) in Seville. Since 2011, with the collaboration of a group of poets linked to the meeting Voices of the Extreme (Moguer, Huelva), has been developing the multidisciplinary project contemporary history. Between 2012 and 2016, together with the flamenco singer Niño de Elche and poet Antonio Orihuela, he forms Los Flamencos, the working group with which they develop the project Cantes Tóxicos. He is the author of numerous film essays and live cinemas that have been seen in art centres such as Pompidou, Secession in Vienna, MNCARS, Fundació Tàpies, CA2M in Madrid, Tabakalera and the Centre del Carme in Valencia, among others. Sebastián, Centre del Carme in Valencia, Fundació Tàpies, MACBA in Barcelona, the Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art of Seville.